Quick links for 30 Sept to 10 October

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New research

  • New issue: The latest Journal Contemporary Criminal Justice [26(4)] is a special on criminal investigation, with articles on police procedures, confessions, offender profiling and more http://is.gd/fCkNU (and it’s free til 15/10 via http://is.gd/eUubM)
  • Extraordinary new analysis calculates each US homicide costs public average $17.25m, average murderer costs $24m. http://retwt.me/1P8Zy
  • New journal from APA: Psychology of Violence, coming 2011. Introductory issue online now http://bit.ly/PA-vio
  • “Beyond Social Capital: Triad Organized Crime in Hong Kong and China” http://ht.ly/2NL4k (via @UnderstandCrime – Aaron Jacklin)
  • A new study shows that men, but not women, have an impaired ability to recognize faces when under stress http://j.mp/9skzMd [PDF] (via @mocost – Mo Costandi)


  • Insurance “claim fraudsters think too much”. Some great Portsmouth Uni research covered by Irish Independent http://retwt.me/1P8R0
  • “If You Want to Catch a Liar, Make Him Draw” David DiSalvo @Neuronarrative on more great Portsmouth Uni research http://retwt.me/1P8ZB
  • fMRI scans of people with schizophrenia show they have same functional anatomical distinction between truth telling & deception as others http://bit.ly/aO5cI2 via @Forpsych
  • In press: Promising to tell truth makes 8- 16 year-olds more honest (but lectures on morality don’t). Beh Sciences & Law http://is.gd/fCa7X

Other links of interest:

  • Sam Sommers on testifying as expert witness on eyewitness identifications, in a complex case. http://retwt.me/1P8ZA
  • From Docuticker: “In Their Own Words: Domestic Abuse in Later Life” training video released by DoJ 온라인 룰렛http://retwt.me/1P8Zq
  • RT @lenagroeger First blog post up on Scienceline! The Brain Scan Appeal: bringing neuroscience into the courtroom http://bit.ly/bH2p1Y
  • RT @sciam (Scientific American) Are war crimes caused by bad apples or bad barrels? http://bit.ly/c4bFYh
  • RT @vaughanbell Why do people confess to crimes they didn’t commit? http://is.gd/fKmDo Excellent NY Mag article on false confessions.
  • RT @kfranklinphd (Karen Franklin) Why exempting sexually violent predator evaluators from traditional psychology ethics is a bad idea: http://t.co/VHHu4Tg
  • RT @kfranklinphd (Karen Franklin) Black and female young offenders lack access to legal advice, UK study finds gu.com/p/2k6ng/tw
  • RT @cjprof (Dr. Blankenship) Breakthrough in Britain’s war on drugs and crime – Crime, UK – The Independent http://goo.gl/hVqQ
  • Great story by @bmahersciwriter on “a surreptitious and malicious side of science” – sabotage in the lab. http://bit.ly/c5TJDK
  • RT @mindhacksblog: how murder is a social act: wp.me/ptsTD-3Lz
  • RT @vaughanbell Fascinating 2003 NYT piece on medieval crime statistics, modern manners and murder. http://is.gd/fBcsW HT MH reader Alex C
  • RT @Slate A New Orleans man who spent 29 years in solitary for a crime he didn’t commit http://slate.me/aREfbu
  • RT @vaughanbell Insight into pimping from interviews. DePaul University study. pdf: http://is.gd/fvO0Q Sad and surprising via @kfranklinphd

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